Presentation Guidelines

The presentation language is Turkish or English.

Each presentation time is limited to 20 minutes.

All presentations will be presented in the order specified in the program.

A document will not be issued to the participant of the presentation that is not (cannot) made despite being in the program, and the full text of the paper will not be included in the symposium proceedings.


There are a projector, computer and sound reinforcement system in one of the hall; there are a projector, computer and a pair of loudspeaker in the second hall. Therefore, it is important for the sessions that the participants convey the presentation method to the organizing committee in advance.


The participants need to send their presentation files via e-mail to the symposium contact address at the latest one day in advance, to intervene from the hall to a possible slide/audio/video flow problem in the presentation.

Participations must be ready on the online conference software no later than 10 minutes before the session time.

Participation documents and all other documents, if any, will be sent to the e-mail address of the contacted online participant.