Full-Text Guidelines

To send the full paper: [email protected]

The text is to be prepared in Microsoft Word format and to be used the Times New Roman font.

The text is not to exceed 20 pages (including the text, graphics, bibliography and all attachments).

The format is to be as follows:

Use Times New Roman with 1,5 line spacing and 2,5 cm right-left and top-bottom margins.

The title should be centered, in bold, size 14 and the first letters of each word should be capitalized.

The name of author/authors should be centered and size 12.

The institutions of author/authors should be centered and size 12.

The main titles should be centered, in bold, size 12 and capitalized.

The sub-titles should be aligned left, size 12, with first letters capitalized and in bold.

The text should be prepared with size 12 fonts and 1,5 line spacing.

Titles of graphics, tables and photographs in 12 font-size and in bold.

There should be a blank line between the paragraphs of the text

The first letters of the titles belonging to tables and figures should be capitalized.

The references in the text and in the notes should be in parenthesis with the order, surname/s of the author/s and date of publication (APA 6.0)

Bibliography in last part of the paper should be alphabetically ordered according to the surnames of the authors (APA 6.0)

Click for reference examples of APA 6.0