The Promotion Dinner of 14th Symposium

The 14th International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium's promotion dinner was attended by the following distinguished participants:

Kütahya Governor Mr. Musa Işın, Kütahya Mayor Mr. Eyüp Kahveci, Kütahya Health Sciences University Rector Mr. Ahmet Tekin, Kütahya Dumlupınar University Rector Mr. Süleyman Kızıltoprak, Ankara Music and Fine Arts University Rector Mr. Erhan Özden, ÇOMÜ Music and Performing Arts Faculty Deputy Dean and Symposium Organizing Committee Chairman Mr. Uğur Türkmen, Fine Arts Association President Mr. Mustafa Kemal Altınsoy, Fine Arts Association Board Member Mr. Adil Özkan, Kütahya Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Mr. Zekeriya Ünal, Kütahya Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Director Mr. Yıldırım Akgül, Business people and the main sponsors of the Symposium, Mr. Nafi Güral Mr. Nihat Delen and Mr. Rafet Onur Kırdar.

Providing information about the Symposium, Mr. Türkmen stated that 40 concerts will be held in the Symposium this year, as it is the 40th anniversary of Hisarlı's death, and that panels, workshops, conferences and interviews will be presented to the people of Kütahya, as well as presentations of the Symposium.

Participants who took the floor at the Symposium introductory dinner, which stands out with its sustainable structure, expressed their opinions that hosting an important event is both a great pride and a contribution to the cultural change and development of Kütahya.

The governor of Kütahya, Mr. Musa Işın, stated that they will provide all kinds of support to the Symposium.

The symposium plaques are ready

The plaques of the 14th International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium themed Memory, Space and Music is ready. Just waiting for its participants...

14th Symposium Presentation Meeting: Rzeszow University

During the preparation process for the 14th International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium, a seminar named ‘Memory, Space and Music’ was held with the students at Rzeszow University in Poland on the Zoom platform on February 7, 2024