2022 Baksi Culture Art Foundation Award went to the International Hisarli Ahmet Symposium

The International Hisarli Ahmet Symposium has received the Baksi Culture Art Foundation 2022 Anatolian Award in the field of music. Mr. Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, presented the award on behalf of all symposium staff and participants to Mr. Uğur Türkmen, Chairman of the International Hisarli Ahmet Symposium Organising Committee and Director of ÇOMUSC. In the 2022 award program organized under the title ‘Suggestions for the Future’, Yapı Kredi Publications was awarded the Anatolia Award in the field of ‘Literature’, Arkas Art Center in the field of ‘Visual Arts’, Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium in the field of ‘Music’ and Izmir Cinema Culture and Education Association in the field of ‘Cinema’.

The Honorary Award went to the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, while the Doğan Value Award was given to the Soil-to-Soil Biodegradable Waste Management Project. Varlık Publications, Afyon Classical Music and Jazz Association, Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival and Clean Harvest Consumption Cooperative received the contribution to the field awards, which were presented for the first time this year.

The award ceremony took place on December 13, 2022 at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus

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The Information Visits for 13th International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium were Held

The visitations for information and exchange of ideas about The International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium which will be held for the 13th one between 8-11 June 2023, and associated with the cooperation of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) State Conservatory and Kütahya Fine Arts Association were held in Kutahya on January 16, 2023.

The visits were held by Prof. Dr. Uğur Türkmen who is the chair of Symposium Organizing Committee and Mr. Mustafa Kemal Altınsoy who is the president of Kütahya Fine Arts Association.

After giving information to Mr. Ali Çelik who is the Governor of Kütahya, thoughts on the symposium were shared with Prof. Dr. Alim Işık who is the Mayor of Kütahya and Mr. Sn. Hasan Başyiğit who is the Director of Kütahya Provincial of National Education

Additionally, the success of the International Hisarli Ahmet Symposium was reviewed. It won the Music category of the Baksi Culture and Art Foundation's Anatolia Awards, which honors cultural initiatives inspired by Anatolia.

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