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Prepared by: Duygu KAHRAMAN (Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramic Department)

Today, the rapid increase in the human population and the resulting increasing needs have reached a level that our world cannot handle. Unfortunately, we are bringing the end of the world together with our increasing numbers, uncontrolled industrialization in every region, unequal distribution of human needs, our consumption and habits that harm the environment while trying to become practical.

Due to all these reasons, air pollution, depletion of the ozone layer, biodiversity that decreases or disappears due to climate changes, extinct animals are the main problems of the whole world, not regionally. The S.O.S. signal given by this world has no longer been a general security problem, but has turned into a cry for help.

The oxygen we take in is decreasing.

Before our eyes, the glaciers are melting and some plant and animal species are disappearing, and we STAND in front of a TV, as if we are changing channels, helplessly.

Every country and even every person creates their own doomsday and their own paradise, and none of us are independent of each other in this creation. Whether we win or lose together.

Although globalization may seem like a word we use proudly, our borders are slowly being lifted and the world is getting crowded as if it were a single city. With the International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium, where science, art, music and climate awareness and related disciplines embrace each other, artists emphasize how important a problem the climate crisis is with their works.

In order to find answers to the questions such as ‘How can our city raise awareness about the climate crisis?’, ‘How can artists create awareness with their works?’, 15 artists are meeting in Kütahya as part of the Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium. Adil Özkan, Aşkın Ercan, Ayşe Yerebakan, Bilgesu Kınam, Emre Ünlenen, Gökçe Demirbaş, Kübra Ergin Kuzucanlı, Mustafa Kemal Aksoy, Oya Aşan Yüksel, Remzi San, Sevgi Avcı, Yasin Arslan, Yeşim Zümrüt, Zeynep Delman and Ziya Yekta Özkan’s works which are blended with videoart, performance and installation works, revealing the traces of the climate crisis all over the city, have been participated in the topic of the 12th International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium with works from the field of plastic arts. At the same time, an online group exhibition has been organized with the participation of distinguished invited artists as part of the symposium.